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Tue, Jan. 4th, 2011, 06:29 pm

Happy new year discounts :)!

We have an offer of 20% off any of our jewellery till the end of January 2011' on www.DarkEleganceDesigns.co.uk, simply type the code 20january into the discount box at checkout!!

The offer can also be redeemed on our etsy store http://DarkEleganceDesigns.Etsy.com, simple make your purchase, pay, then message me the code and I will refund 20% of your purchase through paypal :).

Dark Elegance Designs is available at the following places -

( DarkEleganceDesigns.co.uk )
( http://DarkEleganceDesigns.Etsy.com )
( Dark Elegance Designs on Ebay )